Maunday Thursday

Today is Maundy Thursday. What is Maundy?

Maundy is from the Latin word Mandatum which means Mandate or Command.

Today is the last personal bonding of Jesus Christ with His disciples before His Passion – time of suffering. And He gave them a series of essential commands.

First, He commanded His disciples to “wash each other’s feet” which represents – (service and humility).

He also commanded His disciples to “love one another, as I have loved you” this represents love/ (charity).

And finally, he initiated the holy eucharist and commanded his disciples – Do this in remembrance of me.


Here in Church, we obey His commands and partake in the Holy communion every Sunday as one body of Christ.


In this act of worship, on the eve of Good Friday, the day of the cross,

the Son of God literally takes the form of a servant and uses symbolism to echo the reality of what will happen tomorrow.

He lays aside his outer robe and girds himself with a towel and, after an act of humility in the washing of his disciples’ feet, he takes up his robe again.

Tomorrow, he will lay aside his life and on Sunday he will take it up again.


And given that Jesus,

in his ultimate act of self-sacrifice,

has taken the burden of the cross away from us;

has taken the fear of death away from us;

has taken the penalty of our sins away from us,


is it really so much to ask that we love one another as he has loved us?


Today, in the Bible reading, in this service, and in St Mary’s Church this evening, our Christian journey is about towels and basins. it’s about service.


That’s discipleship – on Maundy Thursday, on Good Friday, on Easter Day, and every day.