The Power of Words – Extracts from the sermon (Pastor Calebmark’s)

Could you remember a time that someone really said something kind or nice to you? How did that really make you feel?

Words are powerful, it is the building blocks of every destiny, there will be no world without words. In the words of the bible in John 1vs1, we were informed that in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and nothing that was made that was made without it. And in Genesis chapter 1 we witness how God through words frame the world in to existence

I have witnessed a few births in my nursing career, what is the same everywhere and every time is when a mother give birth to a child, everybody present in the room want to hear what the child have to say. Until we hear the baby say his first word, we will not rest, which in many cases is a cry, this is simply because life has voice and words are life. 

In John 6;63 Jesus said,  ‘the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life’.

King David was one of the greatest kings that ever lived, and my favourite, I love his story because he was a shepherd boy, and one day a prophet by the name Samuel came to his town and demanded they go fetch him from where he was spending time with his sheep. And they hurried him in, because Samuel had already warn his parent that he did not have all day. And I can imagine as he came in, not quite sure what was going on, and Samuel spoke a word over him; ‘the Lord has chosen you to be a king over his people Israel’ and Samuel poured oil on his head.

It was words, but those words change David forever, it did not only brought him into his purpose and destiny, it ushered him into a new era and because of those words the Spirit of the Lord came upon him. Words matter!

Two weeks ago was our Pentecost Sunday, it was a fulfilment of the words first spoken by the prophets, and then Jesus reaffirm the same words, but this time he told his disciples to wait and to receive it.

In the Gospel of Luke were we read this morning we saw a man that was lost, possessed by the demons, a man that his life was taken away from him, his world was broken, he lives among the dead in the tomb, and how bad could it get? Sometimes some of us really go through hard times and lonely paths, at times it feels like you world is crushing in on you and all hope lost. And other times it feels like you can’t really take this anymore.

But this man’s story has only began, because he happened to cross path with a man that knows how to accurately put words in to action; Jesus said to the demons spirits that has made their home in him, come out of him! And his life was turn around, from worst to great

The word spoken by Jesus brought peace and tranquillity to the oppressed man, and send the demons packing, there is power in words. May I speak peace over you this morning, may I speak joy over you, and may I speak freedom and liberty over you and your household.

In the words of the psalmist; psalm 107 v 20, He sent out his word and healed them, snatching them from the door of death. His word is a balm of Gilead to every soul in bondage and every heart in pain and distress,and in Matthew 11; 28-29, He said come unto me all of you that a heavy laden and I will give you rest.

Do you remember when last you said something uplifting to someone and perhaps many years later the person is still hanging on to your words.

I remember when I was in university in Lagos, and I visited a friend of mine and when he was driving me back to the University said to me, Calebmark, we have been friends for a long time and I felt I should bless you, go get a visa and I will sponsor you to UK for you education.

Friends, do that word lit mine spirit up? I would love to tell you that he did what he said, but no, not exactly, but all I needed was the word. That word spurred me on and positioned me for what is happening today. Words shapes us, it shapes our thoughts and imagination, and it shapes our future.

You could buy the world for you children if you have the money, but the memorial they will have of you is the words you spoke to them, good or bad, every word you said matters to a child,  these are what they will hold onto when you are gone, it is their treasure.

Those words will be their energy when they are in the valley, and when they are on the mountain top it will be their anchor, make your words count, and I dare say positively! Be kind with your words, be an inspiration.

I will say to us, when we do not have kind words to say to somebody please let say nothing at all! – Amen.